Parent Prayer Group Meetings - Term 4

The invitation is again extended to interested parents to participate in the Junior School's Parent Prayer Group, which will now meet weekly on Fridays at 9am to 9.45am until the end of November, to pray for the needs of children, their families, the staff and our Campus and College in general.

There will be times when I will be unavailable, but my office or the kitchen next door can be used in these situations. This will help with consistency for the group throughout Term 4. People can attend when it suits their availability. Confidentiality is a prerequisite to being involved.

Requests for confidential prayer can be made directly to the Chaplain – either in person, by phone or by email, or can be left in an envelope addressed to the Prayer Group at Reception. Please come to pray with us, for our Campus, or allow us to support you if we can. You would be most welcome.

As a Chaplain, it is very empowering to know that as a group there are parents and staff praying in the situations that confront us as a community and in our families. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 52 411 565.


Rowan Thurman

Junior School Chaplain



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