Marvellous Advice for Year 6 Market Day – Visiting Speakers

Tasked with the challenge of operating a stall for Market Day on Thursday, 23rd November, the Year 6 students have immersed themselves in the wonderful world of 'Economics and Entrepreneurship'.

Students were given many ‘pearls of wisdom’ and helpful advice when preparing for and operating a business from Hannah Pearson (Cotton On and small business owner, 'Pear and Son'), Kerrie Reid (Offspring) and business founder Janine Allis (Boost Juice). The Year 6 students also heard insights from a selection of Year 7 students who were involved in the process last year.

The entire project is student-led, requiring each individual to activate a variety of 21st Century learning skills, such as collaboration and team-work abilities, problem solving and critical thinking, just to name a few. Following the design process, students conceptualise a product or service to sell with the aim to make a profit, which will then be donated to a worthy organisation or charity of the students' choosing.



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