Kay-A-Day Challenge

The Kay-A-Day Challenge was introduced this week to Middle School - Highton students and we already have 93 students and staff signed up to take part.

The statistics confirm that in Australia, nine out of 10 young people aged 13 to 17 don’t move enough and children aged five to 12 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Being physically active every day and promoting a healthy body and mind helps children to grow and develop now, while reducing the risk of developing certain diseases later in life – including bowel cancer.

The Kay-A-Day initiative aims to encourage children of all ages to walk or run just one kilometre a day for 21 days – in total, the same distance as a half marathon. There are many opportunities to sit. We need to find the time to move!

When is it happening?

November 1st to November 21st

Who can be involved?

Both students and staff.

How to be involved?

Email Mrs Garing by October 25th. We will have a meeting on Tuesday, 31st October where you will receive a Kay-A-Day recording card, lanyard and shoelaces.

How will it work?

Students can complete their 1km run or walk at home (signed off by a parent) or at school (before school 8.30am to 8.45am, at Recess or Lunch). At school, a set track will be measured and activity can be signed off by a yard duty teacher.

Is it a competition?

The main aim of the Kay-A-Day initiative is to encourage you to be active. However, all students who complete the Kay-A-Day challenge will earn House Points and be invited to a 'Reward Party' in the gym at the end of the initiative. This will involve some games and food during a Lunchtime.

Kind regards


Renee Garing
Middle School Sports Coordinator


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