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About the ‘STEM’ Careers magazines  …..

75% of future jobs will require STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills.

Yet just 16% of high-school graduates are enrolling in STEM degrees in Australia. 

In 10 years’ time, how will rapid technological change affect our future career choices? One thing is clear; we don’t know what the careers of the future will be. The STEM careers magazines set out to help you discover, invent and collaborate on the careers of the future.

Students today will experience around eight major career shifts. Many of these shifts will be into jobs that have digital technologies as their basis. We know that 44% of the jobs that are around today won’t exist in 20 years. A strong foundation of knowledge in STEM will prepare you for a rapidly changing career path, and gives you the knowhow you need to stay flexible and adaptable in the job marketplace.

Studying science or engineering doesn’t just prepare you to be a scientist or an engineer (although there are plenty of high-flying industry jobs in these areas). It also gives you a strong basis for working in business, health, fashion, journalism, law and much more. It helps you to understand how the world works, how we create the technology that we use to survive and how we can thrive on a planet facing huge challenges in terms of food security, population shifts and climate change.

Taking these skills along with your passion into new areas puts you at the forefront of the new knowledge generation, and gives you the tools you need to address these challenges.

In the magazine and website you will find stories that focus on combining STEM skills with students’ hobbies and interests, their goals, or a whole new field of interest. Like Charne Esterhuizen from MAAK Clothing, who uses 3D-printing to create fashion without waste. And sports performance analyst Daniel Pelchen who combines maths skills with sports.

We hope you find some inspiration to combine STEM with your ‘X’ factor, or passion. Whatever you decide to do. 

The following two links will take you to this magazine website – reading, podcasts, quizzes, careers information and more. Copies of these magazines are also available from the Careers Office area and at the Student Office.


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