Diverse Opportunities for Transformation

A central focus for our Year 9 students at Christian College is their transformation from children towards young adulthood.

During the final week of Term 3, the cohort was offered diverse opportunities to engage with activities and programs that extended their regular classroom lessons and challenged them physically, mentally and spiritually. All offerings made to the students were based on learning that is likely to matter most in their present and future lives.

The majority of the students took part in the 'Transformation Conference', a two-day experience of inspirational speakers, hands-on workshops and new practical activities. Christian faith speakers, including Cam Greenwood from Monsta Surf, Woon Ooi from Grapplers for Christ, and many others shared their insights about the progression from adolescence to adulthood. The students were challenged to step outside their comfort zone, to try new things (including graffiti art, karate and mindfulness) and to reflect on the young adults they want to become.

A number of the Year 9 Music students took part in the annual Music Camp, which ran concurrently with the Conference. These students experienced the challenge of intensive rehearsal and performing opportunities, and the social connection with their fellow musicians. A great number of these incredibly talented young people went on to perform at the College’s annual Music Evening last week.

A third group of our Year 9 student cohort took part in the epic Outdoor and Environmental Studies Bushwalking Camp, which included a gruelling 42 km trek over three days at the iconic Wilsons Promontory National Park. These students were immersed in an environment which has been relatively untouched and asked to consider their stance on the future transformation of the park, by way of proposed development. To succeed during the adventure, the hikers also had to rely on their collaboration, perseverance and problem-solving abilities.

As Term 4 is now well underway, the Year 9 students are in the process of completing their final units of work at Middle School Highton, and are looking forward to more special events at the end of the term. These events include the 'Amazing Race', the Graduation Ceremony, and the much-anticipated Formal Evening.

Get your dancing shoes on, Year 9s!


Rob Moore

Year Leader Coordinator - Year 9



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