Celebrating our 'Little Citizens'

It has been wonderful to welcome many new families into our Junior School Campus on recent tours.

Introducing new families to our Campus is a privilege, and something our staff and students take great pride in. More importantly, it has struck me how welcoming, confident and friendly the younger members of our community are.

On a regular tour we visit classrooms by surprise, dropping in to see students engaged in many different activities. Mr Reidy will introduce a Japanese game to our visitors, Mr Smith can be seen wandering the Campus in a ukulele parade and Ms Beck-Carlson will take time to give the visiting children paper clay of all colours. But it’s the greetings by our students; the smiles, the ‘hello’, the ‘excuse me’ as they busily attempt to move around us in the corridor that sets our College apart.

Visitors comment on the manners and politeness of the students, and they describe a sense of calmness. What a privilege and joy to witness this personal growth in our ‘little citizens’, something we can all be very proud of. 


Carla Dunlop

Deputy Head of Campus


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