How Does Your Garden Grow? - Ornamental Garden and Woolworths Excursion

On Wednesday, the Year 7 ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ elective students went on a journey of discovery.

The first stop on this journey was to an Ornamental Garden, near Ceres Lookout owned by Judy and Earl Medlyn. The students were amazed at the different looking plants and really enjoyed the whole experience. The students were asked to immerse themselves in the garden environment and find a few plants that really stood out to them and then note down some thoughts they had in relation to their selected plants.

The students then set off to their second location, Barrabool Hills Woolworths. This was a contrasting environment for the students to explore, however it was just as informative and worthwhile. The students learnt how the fresh food is transported to the store and what needs to happen prior to it reaching the shop floor. Each student took away some provoking information that will be discussed further in class over the coming weeks. Here is what a few of the students had to say about the experience:

“Today I really enjoyed how we got to learn about how all the food – fruit and veggies - get cut up and how they get wrapped and put out onto the store. I also really enjoyed how we got to wander around the garden and take pictures of the flowers and plants. I learnt lots of cool things about the supermarkets and how some of the fruits come from places in Victoria and Queensland. I also found it interesting how we got to taste and find out about the fruits that come in and how they don’t come pre-wrapped, which is what I previously thought happened.”

Jade Brinsdon

“I enjoyed looking at all the flowers and plants and taking pictures of the amazing living things. I enjoyed asking questions at Woolworths and finding out the truth about fruit and vegetables. I also enjoyed looking at all the fruit and vegetables by asking many questions. And I wonder how much time Mr Medlym spends on his garden, and where he gets all his ideas. I liked the idea of ‘second buyers’ and how they give it to less-fortunate people and animals. It is smart how they don’t throw anything out and there is no waste.”     

Edwina Hinds


Andy Davies
Classroom Teacher


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