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Two Great Events…

It was such an honour to attend two great events this week.

On Monday evening, we had our first VCAL Exhibition at The Courthouse in Geelong. The Year 11 and Year 12 students have been using The Courthouse this year as a learning centre. Their classes have been held there periodically, and they have contributed in creating artwork and outside gardens. The freedom of such a space has enabled our students to work in small groups as well as on individual projects.

This would not have been possible if not for the foresight of The Courthouse Manager, Ms Julie Barnes (a Christian College parent). Julie not only welcomed our VCAL students but allowed them to explore what they wanted to develop. The exhibition presented the artwork of the students, gardens and creative dance. Leanna Gould entertained us all with her dance, and her ability to perform with the backdrop of dramatic music was certainly a highlight.

On the same evening, the Year 11 Drama students performed in our Chapel to a large audience. The performance was a culmination of their class work, and we were able to be taken on a dramatic and imaginative ride. Ms Mandy Calderwood has developed the talent of all students and deserves our congratulations.


Celebration Day

'Celebration Day' was a fantastic day in which we were able to honour our Year 12 students.

The day commenced with the formal breakfast in the Library, which was transformed by the diligence of Sue Mapleson and her wonderful Library staff. The decorations were led by the incredible Pix Wilson and one would have to look hard to see that the space was in fact a Library. The breakfast organisation was led by Mr Daniel Fanning and Ms Jemma Burr, our Year 12 Coordinators. Their attention to detail allowed all to enjoy themselves. The students handed out awards that were very funny and in keeping with the day.

Each House then had their turn to tour the Clock Tower at our Middle School Campus. Here they were hosted by Mr McKeeman and Mr Elliss. Students heard of the importance of the Clock Tower and the journey ahead for them. A message was placed on bricks that will be available in the future for reunions. This was a very emotional time for many students and the significance of the day was becoming evident. The Heads of House played a prominent role and deserve to be acknowledged. Mr Simon Peake of Penman; Ms Elissa Huddard of Burrows; Mr Steven Sullivan of Taylor and Mr Lynton Smith of Flynn gave much of their time to plan the day. These Heads of House have played such an important role in the lives of their cohort and the students readily acknowledged their efforts.

The day concluded with the Year 12 students' last service in our Chapel. This was an opportunity to hear from staff and students, to honour them and recognise their many and varied contributions to our College. Upon leaving the Chapel, the Year 12 students paraded along the main road entry to our Campus, being led by a Highland Piper. All the Year 10 and 11 students and staff lined up to cheer our students on. There was a large contingent of parents on hand to record this moment. It was at this stage that the day caught up with many of the students and their families, with emotions flowing and it was very touching to witness.

It was a fantastic day. We asked our Year 12 students to 'Finish With Dignity' and this is what they did. We are so very proud of them all.


Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School Campus


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