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Our first-year Certificate II Applied Fashion Design and Technology students displayed their work at the Gordon Gallery on Wednesday, 18th October at a VETis Fashion Runway 2017 event. These talented students modelled their creations in front of an audience of family members, peers, teachers and others. Congratulations to Mali Herzer, Mia-Sachi Walters, Phoebe Potter and Olivia Stonehouse on their good work and to Amelia Kearney for helping out with modelling.


VCAL Student of the Week - Zachary Higgins (Year 12)

My chosen career path is to be an IT Technician for a few years and then join the Army as a Rifleman. I have chosen this because I like IT and I think that the industry will just keep growing. I also want to be unique and to do something to honor this country. I feel like I would be protecting the people I love if I were to join the Army. The VCAL and VET courses I study are helping me work towards my career by making me a more independent person. At VET each Wednesday afternoon, I learn how computers operate. I also learn how to fix them when they break down and how to create them from scratch. An example of how I have been able to apply what I have learnt at VET at work placement was when I had to update Windows 10. The highlight of my work placement is when I am trusted to work alone on a job. A typical workday for me involves taking the bins out, packing foam and fixing computers. I have enjoyed making new friends at work. My advice to those considering VCAL and VET would be that when times get tough, just keep pushing through - you should get there in the end!


Mrs Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator


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