Bellarine ‘Barn’ Development

For many years, 'The Barn' has been central in the growth and development of a vibrant community culture at the Bellarine Campus.

It has been a space where students have been able to take time away from the hectic school day to nurture and connect with an array of animals - from rabbits, ducks and chickens to lambs, goats and many more. The Barn has been a space where students are able to learn about the responsibilities of animal husbandry, while also providing an opportunity for them to connect and build relationships with students of all ages across our Campus.

Beyond the confines of the school day - through the necessary maintenance, feeding and watering of the animals on weekends and during school holidays - many Bellarine Campus families have established long-lasting friendships. We have been very blessed over many years with the generous provision of both time and resources from families and members of staff who have recognised the importance of such a space for our students.

The Barn is not only unique to the Bellarine Campus, it is unique in an educational setting because of the opportunities it provides to all of our community. So, in seeking to further enhance the learning opportunities and amenity for both animals and students, the Barn and its surrounds are undergoing a makeover.

Through the development works, it is envisaged that a large kitchen garden, including various fruit trees will be established with rich experiential learning connections across many learning areas - such as Science, Food Technology, Health, Humanities, Mathematics, Art, Technology and Design. A new home for the chickens and ducks is underway along with the design of hutches for the rabbits and guinea pigs. The Barn itself will become a communal social and learning space for all weather. The external spaces have been opened up to include the courtyard space at the back of the Food Technology Room, and will be finished with toppings, plantings and screens.

The new Barn precinct will provide a place for rich experiential learning and the opportunity for students to nurture and care for animals, as well as being an inviting passive space to connect with peers. Not to mention providing a wonderful setting for our popular Pop Up Café events!

I would like to thank all families and members of staff who have contributed in past years through to this very day to the development and maintenance of such a wonderful resource. I look forward to your continued partnership. Included in this article are some concept images for The Barn. These are exciting developments that will ensure The Barn at the Bellarine Campus continues to play an important part in growing our community for many more years to come.

Nicholas Watson
Head of Bellarine Campus


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