Year 5 and 6 'MasterChefs' Geelong Show Entry

What a delight it was for us to work with the very enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 'MasterChefs' as they prepared their Geelong Show entries.

With a very short time frame to produce three decorated biscuits, a decorated cake or an apricot truffles, they worked hard during class time and over two lunchtimes to produce some amazing results. More than the finished product itself, the joy for us was to see the great sense of accomplishment they felt when they completed the task, despite trying numerous times to get the icing to stick to, or stay on the cake!

The students demonstrated great perseverance, encouragement, patience and collaboration to complete their task and we celebrated with them their achievement. They should be very proud of themselves!


Felicity Rogerson, Megan Morrison, Heather Faulkner


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