Year 1 Takes Learning Outdoors!

Year 1 students have been revising how to collect and graph data.

Due to the lovely weather recently, we decided to embrace the sunshine and collect our data outside. The students made links in their learning to formulate a topic for data collection that linked to our Integrated Studies unit ‘Oh, The Places We Go.’  Students are currently working collaboratively on a design brief to change the sandpit and garden area to include an outdoor classroom.

One of the requirements of this task is to include sustainability. Students decided to collect data on how many rubbish bins are around the Campus, how much rubbish and the types of rubbish left on the ground and what spaces there are around the Campus for fun and learning. Other students enjoyed collecting data on the birdlife and trees around the Campus.

After we finished collecting, we interpreted the data and made inferences to give possible reasons for our findings:

Tegan (1G) collected data on how many bins are on the Campus. She inferred that there was a lot of rubbish on the ground because there are not enough bins in the school.

Eden (1G) collected data on birdlife. Eden observed many birds around the Campus and she inferred that this is due to the many trees we have for birds to live in.

The Year 1 students enjoyed learning outside and we look forward to proposing ideas for an outdoor classroom so we can embrace more opportunities to learn outdoors.

Josh (1G) commented that, "it was fun because we got to enjoy the sunshine while we were collecting data", while Nate (1G) said the outdoor classroom would allow "other classes to work outside more".


Jamie-Lee Lobbe

Year 1 Teacher


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