From The Chaplain - Junior School Camps Hit The Mark!

Our College’s Camps program plays a vital role at Junior School in developing and growing our students.

Whether it is the Year 1 and 2 Camps to Anglesea, the Preps recent trip to the Werribee Zoo, the wonderful Year 3 experience at Lake Dewar or the new experiences that await on the Year 4 Camp in a few weeks’ time, all have a special place and role to play. I generally attend most camps and enjoy the interactions and development that takes place over the short time away from school.

It’s a bit daunting when I look back over the number of camps I have been involved in, either as a teacher, Chaplain or youth leader. It would have to be getting close to the 100 mark! While these days it takes a bit more out of me than it used to, I never get tired of the wonderful opportunities that present themselves, especially in terms of growing our students - socially, emotionally and physically while on camps. Seeing students thrive and grow in these settings is precious and great to be a part of. I congratulate our dedicated staff who organise and plan these camping experiences for your children.

As a Chaplain, camps enable me to interact more widely with students, in more relaxed settings, helping to fast-track my knowledge of individual students and their interests. I love seeing and encouraging students that may be a bit tentative about being away from home, grow in their ability to embrace change and work through challenges. The joy and accomplishment on their faces says so much and you can see their sense of satisfaction at mastering a new skill. It’s the core reason many of us love doing what we do!

Being able to keep a pastoral eye open for a student needing a listening ear is also important. Some schools put camps in the ‘too hard basket’, and while concerns about safety, costs and separation from their family are real, I believe the self-confidence and self-worth gained along with added skills in resiliency and independence more than compensates for the potential concerns.

Seeing God’s creation at close quarters and celebrating its beauty is another special component that comes with the camping experience.

1 Peter 5: 7  "Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you".


Rowan Thurman

Chaplain - Junior School Campus



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