Traveling Around The Globe For Celebration Rotations

As part to their learning in Integrated Studies, students in Year 1 and 2 last Friday ‘traveled’ to four different countries to experience and learn about a celebration of importance in those countries.

Students visited Japan to take part in a variety of sporting events that would be played during the 'Japanese National Sport Day'. In India, they learnt about the Diwali 'Festival of Lights', and created a tea candle holder. They traveled to East Timor, where they learnt about the Timorese legend explaining why Timor was formed in the shape of a crocodile. In the USA, they discussed the 'Thanksgiving' holiday, creating a place mat that included things they are thankful for and they also tasted pumpkin pie, which gained mixed responses!

While ‘visiting’ each country, students learnt about the country, the history of the celebration and how and why it is celebrated today. Students participated in all activities with a high level of enthusiasm and developed their knowledge of different celebrations that will be used as a foundation to build on throughout the remainder of the year.


Melissa Smith
Classroom Teacher


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