Year 8 Electives Combine - A Gardening And Cooking Collaboration

This week, the Year 7 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' students have joined the Year 8 Food Studies students for a gardening and cooking collaboration initiative.

The aim of the initiative was to communicate to the students the origins of vegetables and herbs and how to use them in cooking – in an interactive way. Earlier in the semester, under the guidance of Mr Davies, the 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' students chose suitable plants to grow and nurture as part of the practical element to the elective. In the garden, the students' interest was obvious as Mr Davies explained the growing of vegetables. Afterwards, they harvested them and headed to the kitchen where they cooked what they had grown.

In the kitchen, the Food Studies teacher, Ms Rogerson, then focussed on the knowledge and skills that will assist the students to make healthy food choices. She guided them in how to prepare and cook some delectable dishes: Parsley Dip with Vegetable Crudites and a Greek dish called Spanakopita, using spinach and spring onions.

The initiative provided the students with the experience of growing, harvesting, cooking vegetables and sharing with their families and fellow students.

Mr Andy Davies and Ms Felicity Rogerson 


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