Year 9 Combined Campus Indonesian Excursion

On Thursday, 26th October, the Year 9 Indonesian classes from Middle School - Highton and Bellarine Campuses traveled to Melbourne.

Our first stop was the Melbourne Zoo, where students participated in a workshop titled 'Don’t Palm Us Off!' This workshop aimed to increase awareness of the students' connectedness to wildlife and the choices we all make as consumers. A Melbourne Zoo Education Officer spoke about the problems that face both the farmers and wildlife in Indonesia, particularly around the expansion of palm oil plantations.

These plantations destroy critical habitats for endangered species, such as elephants, tigers and orangutans. Our students were encouraged to actively voice their support of wildlife through emailing some of the companies that use palm oil. We then visited the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury.

It was here that we enjoyed lunch together and spent time looking through the various galleries, including art, architecture and Australian Muslim History, to name just a few. The students also enjoyed a presentation titled 'Smashing Stereotypes', where we heard about one lady's journey through her faith, how that faith has been perceived in the media and also some of the similarities that exist between Christianity and Islam.

It was an interesting and thought-provoking experience for our students.


Mrs Kim Whittaker

Head of Indonesian and Exchange   


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