Year 9 'Pop Up Cafe' - A Huge Success! Plus Year 8 'Pop Up Cafe' Next Week

The Year 9 'Pop Up Cafe' was a huge success last week, with many of our Middle School students partaking in the delicious food on offer and enjoying the live musical entertainment. 

Below are student reflections:

Planning took place by the Year 9 students five weeks prior to the Pop Up Café. On Friday, November 3rd the Pop up Café came alive. The students in the Year 9 Food Study class busily catered for the whole Middle School Campus. The Year 9 students prepared and served a variety of healthy food options, including nachos, frozen fruit icy poles and zucchini slice, ranging from $1 to $4. Everything was a hit, and the rush of student demand was over the top. It was an exciting day for the Year 9 class, as they were able to experience a real world hospitality environment. The Pop Up Café was a great opportunity for us to collaborate with an awesome group. Overall, the day was a huge success and a whole lot of fun. It was sad to see it end. Thank you to Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Morrison for helping us create the Pop-Up Café experience for Middle School.

Alice Yole 9R and Georgie Murdoch 9G

I think the Pop-Up Café is the best idea ever! The best thing about the Pop-Up Café is that students get to experience what is like to open and run our own business. Because of this experience, I learned how to make pizza and nachos. I really enjoyed the Pop-up Café, I think it is better than sitting in class and doing the usual type of assessment. Our class worked very well together, and everything ran very smoothly. At the end of the day, I thought: “I can’t believe we did it!”  At the start, we didn’t do any preparation except making icy poles. Then,  Ms Rogerson told us that we would be selling nachos and zucchini slice. How are we going to make this in one period? I still can't believe we made about over 100 serves of nachos in one period! I want to give a BIG thank you to Ms Rogerson and Mrs Morrison, for all their help in making this such fun.

Amy Zhao, 9H


On Tuesday, 14th November, our Year 8 students will be hosting a 'Pop Up Cafe'. Students are invited to enjoy their tasty, wholesome food that is made from scratch, using local and seasonal ingredients.

Menu items will include Fruit Salad with Yoghurt, Muesli Slice, Oven Baked Spring Rolls and Lebanese Pizza. Items are priced from 50 cents to $3. Live music will be provided by the Music students. 

Thank you to Hudson Long, Year 8 for the photographs.


Ms Rogerson - Food Technology Teacher

Mrs Morrison - Food Technology Assistant


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