Project Genius Hour - Year 1

We are very excited about our 'Genius Hour' project.

We are very interested in the different ways we can learn. To be able to learn deeply, we need to make connections with our world. We need to make understandings that are meaningful for us. When we have the chance to learn outside, we become active learners.

Our Genius Hour project encourages us to develop our problem solving and collaborative skills by working together to redesign the school garden as an outdoor learning space. Our Genius Hour journey will help us develop our learning muscles, and we will also investigate and reflect on how flexing these muscles can help us become more effective learners.

We have been given a design brief that has instructions for features that have to be included. We can include other creative ideas of our own as well, and we need to think about how these ideas are linked to learning. When we plan our new space, we have to decide on what materials would be needed if our design were to be built, and what materials we will need to make our 3D model.

We need to keep all of our ideas so that we can put them into a portfolio. This will help others to see how our ideas change and develop. We need to be focused on how our outdoor learning space will improve learning for children and the Junior School Campus.

Our Genius Hour project will give us the chance to show all of the skills we have learned about working with other people and letting our 'inner awesome out!' This will be the first time we will be able to share our ideas with people outside our Year 1 class - and it is very exciting.


Anna Daley

Year 1 Classroom Teacher


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