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Orientation Day

On Tuesday we enjoyed a glorious day with our Year 10 students of next year.

Upon arrival, they were escorted by our Prefects to their respective House areas. The incredible Heads of House introduced them to the House events that await them next year, as well as all the operational matters. The role of the House group was explained and they had the chance to see who would be in their House group next year, from the students here on that day.

At recess, all the students enjoyed a doughnut and juice spending time with their new friends. This gave the Prefects the chance to mingle and get to know these students. This was followed by a meeting of all in the Library, where they had the chance to meet those whom will play an important role in their lives next year. 

The activities were next and the students had the opportunity to be outside or inside and have a great deal of fun. The Prefects cooked the students a great BBQ, and there was plenty for all.

I wish to thank the Heads of House in Ms Elissa Huddart of Burrows, Mr Steven Sullivan of Taylor, Mr Simon Peake of Penman and Mr Lynton Smith of Flynn. Their work to ensure the students had a great day was clearly successful. The Prefects volunteered to come in to be part of the Orientation program and for their work, I sincerely thank them. Their eagerness to be involved and lead was one of the many highlights of the day. This group has only just been selected, and this was their first involvement as a group.

The Year 10 Coordinators in Mr Paul Breguet and Ms Kim Doherty organised the whole day. Their charter was to ensure each and every student had a wonderful day, and so they did. We are very blessed to have these two fine staff. They will be leading this group next year and the students clearly gained the impression they are both approachable and willing to support them.


Barmah Trip

Our second Barmah trip left on Wednesday, and we wish them all success. The first trip went very well and the students returned with many exciting stories. This trip challenges our students in many ways, and the water levels were much higher than they were in past years. Such things are taken in their stride and forms part of the student learning.


Art, Technology And Design Extravaganza

It's that time of year when the 'Villa Paloma' Campus is a hive of activity. At present, it is being transformed into our annual Art Show. You are more than welcome to come along and view the wonderful pieces of work completed by students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.  The opening night will be on Friday, 17th November and will be open until Wednesday, 22nd November. Please come along and view the wonderful creations on display.

Friday, 17th November - 7pm to 9pm Official Opening

Sunday, 19th November - 12pm to 4pm General Exhibition Open

Monday, 20th to Wednesday, 22nd November - 10pm to 5pm General Exhibition Open


Year 10 and 11

The final day of Year 11 classes is Monday, 13th November. On this day, there will be a Year 11 Service to mark the end of their year before they move into the Transition program for their Year 12 classes.

The Year 11 examinations commence on Tuesday, 14th November. These are very important as they are designed to prepare students for the following year. In some cases, they also form part of gaining the all-important “S” for that subject.

The Senior VCAL Transition commences on Wednesday, 15th November and Thursday, 16th November. Here the students will be learning what is expected of them in their final year and they will be commencing their studies in all four strands.

Friday, 17th November is the last day of Year 10 classes before they commence their Year 11 Transition. Their examinations are on Monday, 20th November and Tuesday, 21st November.

The year’s end is fast approaching. I wish all our students well.

Blessings to all.


Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School Campus


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