VCAL Student of the Week

Joshua Clarke-Cooper - Year 11

My chosen career path is to become a ‘Sparky’. I have chosen this because my dad is an Electrician and I find it interesting. The VET course I study as part of my VCAL is helping me work towards my career by teaching me the skills I need to become an Electrician. At VET each Wednesday afternoon, I learn OH&S, fixing and securing and Mathematics. I have been able to apply what I have learned at VET at work placement by working safely and knowing how to secure a power point to the wall. The highlight of my work placement is getting out on Fridays with the boys and working on site - having a joke and getting the job done. A typical day on Friday at work placement with ESIC involves doing 'led lighting' upgrades or doing 'rough-ins'. I have enjoyed being able to help and be a part of the team at work. VCAL has been a good path for me and it can set you up with an incredible career.

Joshua’s work placement has led him into a School-Based Apprenticeship as an Electrician that he will do as part of his Year 12 VCAL in 2018. 


Mrs Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator


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