Tate Street Primary School Visit

Jesus in the Modern World

Over the past weeks, Year 10 'Jesus in the Modern World' elective students have been spending time with the Tate Street Primary School students.

Each Semester, the classes have been spending time together and forming a strong relationship between both students, and the schools. We were fortunate enough to visit the students at Tate Streeet, begin working on our project together and get to know each other.

We focused on developing board games with the theme of 'Bicycle Safety and Education'. Tate Street students visited the Senior School Campus of Christian College last week, and we had a lovely afternoon playing the board games and spending some fun time together.

"Meeting Jordan and Riley was great and they were really insightful and friendly. I loved being able to talk to them about their experiences,” - George

The staff and students from both schools have come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and through spending time together, have all been able to gain an appreciation and understanding of each other. The students got along instantly and, despite differences in age, found common ground in interests and hobbies.

“I think students in positions like mine are extremely privileged in the way we have so many opportunities that offer us great things." - Tess

“All of the students were super fun to hang around with, and I enjoyed the little time we did spend with them and would definitely do it again, if I could.” - Georgia

It is fantastic to have a relationship between the schools and always such a pleasure to spend time with the students and staff.


Mrs Jane Smith

Jesus in the Modern World Teacher



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