Year 9 – VTAC 30-Minute Mentor Opportunity

This is an opportunity to interview a professional in a field of interest to you. It is open to students from Year 9 through to Year 11.

VTAC is the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre. It is the primary source of information relating to further study after school, and one which you will all be using at some stage of your future Senior School time.

Selected students are paired with '30-Minute Mentors' and, over a half-hour conference call, they can ask questions about their Mentor’s industry. Questions might relate to day-to-day aspects of the industry, career pathways, salaries and lifestyle considerations. VTAC records the interview and writes up an edited version for the 'VTAC Mag'.

The mentors over the past two years have worked in Psychology, Photography, Pathology, Race Car Engineering, Dietetics, e-Commerce, and Humanitarianism. All of the students who participated had great questions and got a lot out of the experience; a copy of last year’s '30-Minute Mentor' section is attached. 

Please email the Careers Staff if you are interested in finding out more. We have a website for you to reply to and a link to a copy of last year’s information.

You need to apply and provide a response to a number of different areas concerning your particular field of interest. The deadline for submissions to VTAC is Monday, December 4 by  5pm

Contact the Careers Staff:

Mrs Robyn Smith                             -                    

Mrs Bec Bromilow                           -                    


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