Sushi Making at Junior School

Every November at Junior School, the Year 2 classes make Sushi as part of our Japanese Food topic.

We are very lucky to have some excellent Sushi-making experts led by Shizue Nakayama. The students were able to choose from chicken, tuna, lettuce and carrot. They learnt how to roll the Sushi using the bamboo mat and how to make sure the nori sticks together so all the ingredients don’t fall out!

Many children ate their Sushi straight away, as it looked so delicious. Some took it home to share with parents and siblings. There was lots of laughing, smiling and eating going on in the canteen this Monday.

We will also be having a green tea 'Ocha' tasting day coming up at the end of term, where students get to try a variety of Ocha-flavoured foods.


Katya Chaney

LOTE Teacher


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