Year 3 and 4 Integrated Studies Unit - Protecting Our Planet

In Years 3 and 4, we have been considering how we can look after the environment. We did an experiment with helium balloons that drifted up to the ceiling.

The balloons represent our 'carbon footprint'. Some of the items we looked at included a car, a washing machine, a computer, a vacuum cleaner and a TV. Then we put our mathematician hats on to work out how many balloons represent each item.

Each balloon represents 50 grams of carbon dioxide. There were over 100 balloons on our ceiling to show one person’s average usage in a day. Imagine how many balloons will be produced throughout the whole world if we don’t reduce our usage!

We were surprised at how many balloons we make, especially from a single car. We are considering ways to lessen our footprint on Earth, for example, by turning the lights off when we are not using them or riding a bike to school instead of driving.


Milly, Everest, Heidi and Isla
Year 3 Students


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