Peppermint Grove Waterwatch Review - Year 5

A group of Year 5 students recently completed their last testing and assessment of the site at Peppermint Grove for 2017.

As we viewed the year’s data, the students reflected on their contributions.

Alex – I enjoyed sampling the water and testing it for pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity and reactive phosphorus. It was also great to occasionally leave the Campus grounds and do something worthwhile with my friends.

Oscar – I enjoyed going out of the Campus grounds at Lunch with my friends to test the water at Peppermint Grove. It is important to keep the habitat and water healthy for the fish.

Tane – I enjoyed taking photos and picking up rubbish because it was fun going out of the Campus with my mates.

Harry – I found it very interesting that the ratings went from 'good' to 'very good' to 'excellent' at different times of the year. Then it dropped again. The water was healthiest in July. It was quite brown when there was not much water in the pond. Looking back over the whole year, Peppermint Grove was rated 'very good'.

Caitlin – I enjoyed going to Peppermint Grove to help the environment by doing the water testing and taking photos of the habitat.

Ally – It was interesting when I found tadpoles in October. I liked going in the water because I could see different plants, and the water was different colours at different times of the year. I liked hanging out with my best friends Naomi and Caitlin and others.

Naomi – I only went a couple of times, but I liked picking up the rubbish. The main kind of rubbish was chip packets. People should put their rubbish in the bin because it gets stuck in the drain and damages the habitat for the animals and plants.

It was a pleasure taking such a keen group 'out of the Campus grounds', which was clearly a highlight. The students gained new skills in measuring chemical and physical properties of water, and acquired special scientific vocabulary to match.

The group has definitely continued the legacy of Christian College’s commitment to monitoring the local waterway, on behalf of the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.


Deb Singleton
Science Coordinator 



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