Professor Bunsen Visits Year 1

Even as we hurtle toward the end of the school year, we have started a new learning investigation into light and sound with our Integrated Studies topic 'Let There Be Light!'

With only weeks to go until we finish Year 1, we are not slowing down and invited the famous Professor Bunsen to visit for a day of experiments in The Chapel. Many of our wonderings were answered by watching some of his thrilling demonstrations about Physics concepts, such as how light and sound travel and the amazing light spectrum.

Professor Bunsen’s show allowed us to make meaningful connections to our prior knowledge and then focus on new areas of interest for some collaborative group investigations. We also came away with many new questions to investigate during 'Genius Hour' in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned as our budding physicists make new and important discoveries that they will love to share with you at home, too.


Anna Daley

Year 1M Teacher


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