Girls in STEM

This week we had an opportunity to take a group of Year 8 girls to a 'STEM' event at The Gordon.

The day was aimed at providing girls with knowledge and experiences about the careers options that STEM pathways provide. The students heard stories from entrepreneurial females in a range of STEM fields.

Their stories were inspirational and provided students with an insight into the wide variety of STEM roles. They also had the chance to meet and work alongside Marita Cheng, the winner of the 2012 'Young Australian of the Year'.

The day also involved some hands-on activities. Half of the group collaborated to design and create an artificial limb, using only a set of basic materials. These limbs were then tested in races between the different design teams.

This was a thoroughly engaging activity and showed students the real benefits engineering projects can bring to people's lives day-to-day.  


Victoria Corkin

Science and Maths Teacher


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