Year 1 Costume for Presentation Evening


We are looking forward to our Junior School Presentation Night coming up on Thursday, 7th of December and this year the Year One  students will be performing ‘The Big Storm’.

If your child is performing in the Strings group or receiving an award on the evening they will need to wear their full SUMMER uniform, and bring their performance costume to school in a named bag before the 7th December.

If your child is NOT in the Strings Group or receiving an award, they will need to wear the following clothing to the Presentation Night and will not be required to bring or wear their school uniform.

We ask that students wear a Onesie costume and their normal P.E. runners as we will be pretending to be toys for our item. If your family has multiple Onesies and you would be happy to share with another family please speak with your child’s homeroom teacher.

If you have any queries could you can contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly.

Thank you,

Anna Daley

Year One Level Leader




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