Year 2 Literacy, Reading and Writing

Matilda, Miss Trunchbull, Miss Honey, Mr Wormwood……. What favourite Roald Dahl story favourite does this remind you of? Matilda of course.

This Term, Year 2 have been studying this very engaging and rich text as a way to ‘dig deeper’ into our literacy, Reading and Writing learning. We have been developing our understandings about many facets of the text such as new reading vocabulary, plot, setting, character profiles, character analysis and descriptive writing. We have specifically spent a couple of weeks learning how Roald Dahl uses his literary descriptions to capture the reading audience and help compel the book to life.

This week, Year 2 have been continuing with writing a profile about a ‘Matilda’ character including important and key information about the character’s appearance, personality, role in the story and character changes. Another aspect of creative learning we are exploring is studying a specific chapter in the text which is all about Miss Honey’s cottage. Our role as readers has been to read a short piece of text and highlight the important descriptive language Roald Dahl uses to describe the cottage, it’s external, internal and surrounding features.

Students have then been using their creative flair to re-create the cottage using those specific descriptions. As teachers, we have listened to many conversations and ideas students have come up with to interpret what they have read, ‘seen’ or visualised in their minds and then go about creating their masterpieces.

As we all know, quality literature benefits all children by reading and listening to books. Not only by strengthening bonds between adults and children, but experiencing the joy of being able to escape into a fantasy world or an exciting adventure. All the while, developing a deeper love for reading at the same time. Matilda has done that and much more for all of us in Year 2 this term. 

Lou Ward

Year 2B Teacher



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