The Power of the Story

The power of story embraces all age groups, it is where we can connect our past to our present, where we can enter other worlds, explore characters and make connection to ideas, responses and events. Story feeds the soul, it stretches us beyond ourselves.

In Year 1, the children have been learning about STORY. They have focused on the format of a narrative and the development of characters and problems.

They have learnt from the masters- Bob Graham, Aaron Blabley, Rod Clement, Mem Fox, Julia Donaldson, Bruce Whately  just to name a few, and studied their ‘craft moves’ (techniques) and how the author keeps us interested in the story. The children have been able to make many connections to their own experiences and also looked at comparisons and contrasts.

These authors have ignited the ‘narrative flame’ and year 1’s have started to structure their narratives by: participating in shared writing, where the teacher and children construct a story together:       

 A long time ago, WHEN

in a galaxy far, far away WHERE                                  

6 bouncing bunnies, WHO

were sucked into a black hole!!! WHAT

They have learnt to paint pictures with words and plan their stories with a beginning, middle and ending. Interesting characters, settings, problems and solutions have emerged.

Sharing their stories with each other has allowed opportunities for feedback and questions which have assisted in the editing and redrafting process. Below is a glimpse of some budding authors …


The Elves Big Adventure

A long time ago at school, an elf on the shelf climbed onto the fan. Oh No! Someone turned on the fan….. Arabella Gower                 

The Storm

Once upon a time there was a fifteen year old boy called Alex. He lived in a tall house. One day he looked at the news and heard that a tornado was coming.  “What a tornado. In the afternoon! Phew! I have 4 hours to get ready”…Andrius Bruozis

The Disaster with the Presents

One Christmas Eve two sisters could not sleep. They were too excited. So they went downstairs and were shocked. There were no presents but there was a light coming from the closet. The girls opened the door and saw a golden path. They followed it and an angel appeared, she said…  Chloe Vassiliou

 An Elf called Max

Just before Christmas Eve, there was a new elf and his name was Max. He didn’t know Santa. Max always made the wrong toys and all of the children were sad. But as he grew up, he got better and better at making the toys and then he was a true elf… Zac Pearce


Liz Marsland

Year 1R Teacher


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