Classroom Music Program - Year 5 2018

As part of the Year 5 mandate to provide opportunities for powerful learning, Classroom Music will engage all students in a program involving the study of a musical instrument and learning through performance.

This program aims to:

  • Provide all students with an authentic learning experience that challenges them to think and problem solve to achieve their full potential.
  • Give students the opportunity to learn deeply about themselves as a learner through a yearlong process of study and reflection.
  • Provide an opportunity to experience learning Music through group tuition and performance.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to experience the benefits of performing and learning an instrument, including taking pride in their work, being accountable for their learning, developing team work skills, and developing discipline and confidence.

Students who currently learn a band or orchestral string instrument will continue individual lessons with their instrumental teacher. In class, these students will also work with a classroom music teacher in a ‘Performers Workshop’ program designed to expand their music knowledge and skills.  The Performers Workshop members will also join with their Year 5 peers to rehearse and perform in a Year 5 string ensemble or concert band. The group tuition in the Year 5 class program will not be suitable for students who have already commenced learning a band/orchestral string instrument while at Junior School.

Students who do not currently play an instrument from the string orchestra or concert band family will have the opportunity to trial and consider their suitability for an instrument which they will learn for the year. Each student will be given a tutor book and his or her own instrument to take home, practise and care for.

During Year 5 classroom music, beginner students will have a group instrumental lesson each week with a specialist tutor. As the students progress, they will form a concert band where they will join with students who already learn an instrument. Similarly, students who are already learning a string instrument will participate in the Year 5 String ensemble where they will work towards presenting performances for their peers and eventually their parents and friends. The year will culminate with the ensembles performing at a College event.

Concert Band & String Instruments – Year 5 Class Music Program: - Flute, Bassoon, Trumpet, Tuba, Oboe, Saxophone, Trombone, Percussion, Clarinet, French Horn, Euphonium and Double Bass/Cello.

Students will be required to practice regularly as a key part of their learning in this subject. Parents can help students to establish a routine whereby they set aside 10 each day (at least 5 times a week) to practise in a quiet place. Parents are encouraged to interact/engage with their student during the practice and show interest in their progress.

All Year 5 students who play a band instrument will be given a tutor book that covers the curriculum, key skills and knowledge being learnt in the program. String players will be provided with appropriate learning materials by the strings teacher.

Next week, on Tuesday 28th November all Year 4 students will have the opportunity to try all of the listed instruments. Students will be placed on a particular instrument according to their preference, the instrumental tutor’s assessment of their suitability and instrument availability based on creating a balanced ensemble.

We look forward to working with the Year 5 (2018) students in this innovative learning program and welcome any parents with queries to contact the Music Department at

Fiona Gardner
Director of Music – Teaching & Learning


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