Sea All Dolphin Swim - Year 9 Marine Studies

The year 9 Marine Studies students enjoyed a very warm and calm morning out on the waters of Port Phillip Bay on Monday aboard the Sea All Dolphin Swims Boat. Our first stop was at ‘Pope’s Eye’ an artificial structure originally intended to be a fortress guarding the entrance to the bay. Now, it is home to extensive beds of brown kelp and a huge variety of species including many colourful fish, sea stars, octopus, and cuttlefish. It is also an important breeding ground for Australasian Gannets. This is also where the students conducted a fish count. Students were given a dive slate to record the numbers of 25 important fish species. The data is collected and uploaded to the ‘Atlas of Living Australia’ to develop a greater understanding of Victoria’s marine species. We were lead to believe that the resident ‘Burrunan’ Dolphins were on vacation somewhere near Blairgowrie so it was decided that we would continue our adventure to check in with the all male colony of Australian Fur Seals. Here the students tested their underwater acrobatic skills with the ‘puppies’ of the ocean. It was a fantastic day out, exploring a variety of marine habitats, getting up close and personal with marine animals and extending our understanding of the importance of healthy ecosystems, particularly at a time where there are so many current and potential threats to our oceans.  

Fiona Scott
Marine Studies Teacher


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