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Artistic Flair on Show at the Extravaganza

The word ‘extravaganza’ is not a light one to throw around, but in the case of describing this year’s Art, Technology & Design Extravaganza, it seems quite fitting.  9000 pieces of art on display, 6 campuses and a whole faculty involved. To say the least: it was big!

Contributions came from kindergarten children right up to Year 12 students – and it seemed like a sea of colour, materials and fresh ideas bounced off every bit of available wall space in the ‘Villa Paloma’.

We saw a vast array of exceptional work from students; from eco-dyed textiles, to bold wearable art pieces to meticulously rendered paintings. The fields of design and technology were also well represented, with sound and video installations set-up, product design pieces on display, robotic creations to marvel at and much more. 

Antony Benson, Director of Teaching & Learning – Art, Technology and Design, applauded the high standard of art, “extraordinary in its diversity, as well as its sophistication in the use of colour and form”, and strong sense of design-thinking evident throughout.

Students dazzled down the runway in what was both an engaging and professional show. Similarly, to the art on display, the fashion choices also reflected a vast array of materials, themes and styles.
From a focus on food (students holding pizzas) to serious high-fashion to everything in between, it was a dazzling parade. What makes it even more incredible is the efforts that students went to create their outfits.
With Ancient Egyptian influence and colourful Mexican costumes, the Senior School ‘Wearable Art’ House efforts were also particularly eye-catching.

Felicity Mawson, a past College student (2011) and RMIT fashion graduate was a guest speaker.
Her advice, for those wanting to undertake similar creative pathways? Remember – the road is not straightforward, nor easy.
“But, I ask you to remember this… you have a skill set that cannot be bought, knowledge that cannot be attained by a text book… what you create is instinctive – what you will produce will be extraordinary.”

The Art, Technology and Design Extravaganza was open this week until Wednesday 22nd November, and with over 1700 visitors admiring our students work throughout this time, it was a huge success for 2017!


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