Farewell to Haruka

This is not "goodbye", it's just a "see you later"

The farewell party for Haruka (Long-term exchange student) and Ayana (Language Assistant) was held on Wednesday 22nd November and it was great to see their host families and friends together. It was excellent to see all the smiles among the tables which represents the extent of our 25 years’ relationship and friendships with Naga High School in Japan. We wish Haruka and Ayana well and I am sure they will visit us again or we might see them again in Japan with the Japan Study tour in 2018.

Xavier Andueza-Mossop is going to Japan for 2 months as a language assistant at Naga High School in December.

On behalf of the Japanese Department, I would like to say thank you all for supporting our exchange programs and special thanks to generous host families, Andueza-Mossop family, Elliot family, Jones family, Gray family, Shirra family and Tovey family.


Yuji Nakayama

Head of Japanese and Exchange




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