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In 10 years, jobs we are familiar with now will change, as new technologies impact on how we work. Professionals like nurses, architects, artists and farmers will all need new skillsets to keep up with the technological revolution.  A most interesting reading from a recent University of Melbourne publication – Pursuit – which looks in to research done by the University.


Important Links for Future Events for Year 12 Students:

VTAC Offers: This link leads to information outlining how and when Offers are made. It provides some guidance on what to do if you do not get an Offer, or if you miss out on the Offer you want.

Changing Your Course Preferences: It is easy to add or remove courses on our Preference list. This link outlines the 'when, where and how' of changing our course Preferences.

Scholarship Offers: Most institutions will notify successful scholarship applicants via the VTAC user account. This link provides information about when and how scholarships are offered throughout the year.

Deferment Policies: Not all institutions offer deferment. The link allows for a check on whether institutions offer deferment and instructions on how to defer.

Enrolment Policies: Instructions on how to enrol will be in your Offer message. The link allows you to read some general information about the institution’s enrolment procedure.

Important Dates:  Change of Preference – VCE Results and ATAR – Offers emailed to applicants.

Results and Offers: How you will receive your ATAR and Offers for courses and scholarships.

Year 12 Results & Getting Your Offer: Explains how to get your ATAR.

Change of Preference Information Sessions:  Links to various institutions from where you can search for Information Session dates and times should you wish to explore changing Preferences after ATAR results. This document references the important fact that it is only a guideline, and contact should be made with individual institutions to confirm dates for Change of Preference Information Sessions.

Please click here for important dates and information on a number of VTAC processes that will occur between receiving ATAR results and Offers of places of study in 2018. 


Weekly Career News

Please click here for the Weekly Career News.  

This week highlighted:

    • Casual employment websites 
    • Careers at Victoria Police
    • Work Experience at Royal Women’s Hospital (current Year 9 students)
    • Work Experience at Herald Sun (current Year 9, 10 and 11 students)
    • Internships for students studying sport courses at La Trobe University
    • Internships for students studying law courses at Victoria University
    • Data Engineering at University of Technology Sydney
    • Not sure where a science degree can take you?
    • Learn about occupational therapy
    • Key resources for students interested in apprenticeships and traineeships
    • Kangan Batman Institute annual fashion show
    • Study in the US
    • Careers with the Australian Public Service
    • Computer science, science and engineering career articles
    • Upcoming events


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