Early Australia Board Games - Year 5

As part of their unit on Early Australia, the Year 5 students created their own board games. The imagination and creativity that went into these games was outstanding. The Year 7’s were invited into the Year 5 classrooms this morning to experience these games and to provide an authentic audience for our students.

The aim of their games, was to show their understanding of Early Australia, including the First Fleet, convicts and the Gold Rush. This was done in a variety of ways. Some students taking ideas from Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit while others used games like Snakes and Ladders or Guess Who. The main thing that stood out was the understanding that the students had gained from their research and especially from the experiences we had on camp at Sovereign Hill.

This is one of the many special aspects of our campus. The opportunity that the students have for cross age learning. To see the students teaching each other their games was priceless and to witness the learning that had happened during this process was great. The Year 7’s were tested on their knowledge of Early Australia and were fantastic participants in each of the games.

Claire Deretic
Year 5 Homeroom Teacher


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