Year 9 UN Conference: Solving problems of a global scale through advocacy, discourse and debate

Last week, the entire Year 9 cohort across Highton and Bellarine campuses celebrated the culmination of their year-long Humanities studies and took part in one of the most powerful learning moments of their entire Year 9 experience.

In order to engage with processes employed to solve problems of global scale, all students met at the Bellarine auditorium to simulate the work of the United Nations in a General Assembly. Each student participated as a representative of a different country, to advocate for their ‘people’ and their future needs and engage in discourse, attempting to agree upon a global resolution on climate change. Students delivered speeches, searched for potential allies and proposed amendments to existing UN documents, before voting on a new solution at the end of the General Assembly. This event required students to make links across traditional subject areas and draw from recent learning in their Science, Geography and English lessons. Throughout the day, staff were inspired at the level of rigorous debate that took place, and the incredible engagement the students showed in tackling potentially the greatest challenge of their own future.


Year 9 Geography Teacher: Mr Adam Kennedy, Mrs Jackie Coreless & Mr Rick Geall


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