Year 4 Bike Education Program - The Ride to Queenscliff

To conclude the Year 4 Bike Education program, students from Year 4 were involved in a bike ride day from our Campus to Queenscliff.

After navigating their way along the local streets of Drysdale to reach the rail trail entrance, they continued a 19km journey along the very scenic trail to be greeted by a free music concert, as part of the 'Queenscliff Music Festival'. Following lunch and some dancing in the park, bikes were loaded onto a carriage and all students, teachers and parents boarded the Bellarine steam train for a somewhat warm, yet relaxing return trip back to the Drysdale train station. We then mustered up just enough energy to ride the 2km trip back to school.

Some weary students returned home on that day! Here is one reflection from Lila Mustica.

“Something I enjoyed in Bike Ed was learning about all the road rules that keep you safe on a bike. We learnt how to indicate and who to Give Way when we are at a roundabout or an intersection. A challenge we faced was being able to ride the whole way to Queenscliff without running out of energy - we really had to persevere up the big hills! Our Bike Ed training really helped with some intersections, in 'doubling up' and our communication with each other throughout the ride. Something else I enjoyed was getting to ride my bike with my friends and teachers. We all really had fun on this bike ride. I would like to thank my teachers for this experience.”


Fiona Scott
Physical Education Teacher


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