Japanese Tea Ceremony - Year 7, 8 and 9

We have been very fortunate that we regularly have two additional native Japanese speakers in our Japanese classes.

Yukari sensei, a supporting teacher, has been teaching VCE for many years and she has a rich knowledge of Japanese language and culture. Ayana sensei, a language assistant from our sister school, supports students by challenging them with advanced tasks or assisting them with extra support.

On Monday, Ayana sensei demonstrated the Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Year 7, 8 and 9 classes. Prior to the ceremony, Yukari sensei talked about the history, etiquettes, and utensils of the tea ceremony. She also explained that the tea ceremony is not all about serving and drinking tea but, more importantly, it is about discipline, appreciating the present moment and doing what we are doing with whole-heartedly.

The students intently watched Anaya sensei making tea with special utensils and tasted the tea following the particular steps. Some of the students were lucky to have a go at making tea with Ayana sensei’s instructions.

It was an excellent opportunity for the students to develop an understanding and respect for a different culture.


Yukiko Valent
Japanese teacher


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