Alice in Wonderland - Year 8 Drama

The Year 8 Drama students embedded themselves in the task of presenting a storybook performance to a young audience this term.

They chose Alice in Wonderland and worked to orchestrate the whole production to a high standard - from sets, costumes, lighting and stage make-up, to the play-building processes of character development and their ability to extend their use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The audience of Year 1 and 2 students seemed delighted to witness the performance, so it was a great success overall.

Drama provides students with the ability to step out of their comfort zones and extend their understanding of not only Drama-specific curriculum, but also to develop a strong sense of 'self' and the ability to express themselves. All students involved in the Drama program this year have done an amazing job in their studies and should be very proud of their efforts and the ‘growth mindset’ applied to their learning.


Ms Sharon Huber
Music Teacher and Instrumental Coordinator


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