Market Day - Year 6

On Thursday, 30th November, the annual Year 6 Market Day was held at the Christian College Bellarine Campus.

It is a major highlight in the College calendar and a great time for the school community to come together. Held under the iconic Peppercorn Tree on a magnificent sunny day, the Year 6 students rose to the challenge of holding a market for the rest of the school community.

Students were able to participate in a wide variety of games and purchase some amazing small gifts, necklaces and stationery. It was a fantastic day, and the culmination of so many rich learning tasks for the Year 6 cohort.

The planning for Market Day involves a term’s work by the Year 6 students, incorporating elements of Economics, Mathematics, English and Christian Education. Working in teams, an initial idea develops through trialling, surveying and testing.

Products and games are developed, then advertised and marketed to the school community. Watching the students ideas develop over the term is rewarding, but one of the most valuable elements of the unit is the real-life skills the students are gaining as they undertake such an authentic learning experience.

Part of the learning for the Market Day unit is looking at how students can help those in the community around them, especially families experiencing financial hardship in the lead up to Christmas. Through the donation of Market Day proceeds to the Drysdale Food Bank, which was a total of $3,700, the Year 6 students have experienced the blessing that comes through acts of service to others.

The Drysdale Food Bank is run by the Drysdale Community Church and, as a result of the ‘good works’ by our students, enough groceries have been purchased to provide a Christmas lunch for 70 local families. Mr Jake Hogendoorn from the Drysdale Community Church came to our Campus to pick up the groceries and speak to the Year 6 students about the impact their generous work will have on local families.

What a wonderful way for our students to be able to conclude such a rich learning experience through the Market Day unit.


Mr Ryan Healy and Mrs Lori Ruplal

Year 6 Classroom Teachers


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