Activities Day - A Student's Perspective

Year 1 students Elisha Williams and Daniel Wilkie and Year 4 students Emma Daley and John McClure were asked about their experiences on Activities Day.

On the whole, it seems the day provided an opportunity to have some 'fun and run' time with their friends and teachers, and also to sit back and enjoy memorable movies. Here's what our students had to say:

Elisha and Daniel, Year 1:

We to the movies to see 'The Star'. It was fun because it went for ages. It showed us what Christmas is about. Mary, Joseph, Dave the Dove and Beau the Donkey tried to save Christmas from coming. We had to walk to the movies and it took ages. We went the longer way. The Police came along and helped us cross the road. We had to walk in pairs and all the Prep, 1 and 2 students made a big long snake line. Then a Christian College bus took us to the Barwon Valley Fun Park. We played at the park and really enjoyed the climbing frame, the flying fox and the hammock. We threw some frisbees from the top of the hill. 

John and Emma, Year 4:

We had a really enjoyable day. In the morning, we travelled on a Christian College bus to Barwon Valley Fun Park, singing some enjoyable Christmas Carols (among other songs) on the bus. At the park, we ran off some energy and were pumped to be outside. We played cricket, chasey and lined up for the flying fox. We enjoyed recess and lunch at the park and felt happy being around our friends. It was good to have a relaxing break from school work and have some fun. We watched 'Wonder' at the cinema in the afternoon. It was emotional and was about a boy called August who had facial deformities. It showed different perspectives of different characters throughout the book, focusing on their relationship with August. As Emma mentioned at Presentation Evening: ‘If you can choose between being right and being kind, choose kind’, (quote from 'Wonder' the book by R. J. Palacio.) The Year 4 students have been reading Wonder so this was a great follow-up activity. 

Thank you to the students and staff who made Activities Day such a wonderful experience for all.






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