A Homeroom Teacher Reflects

It’s time to say goodbye, so we stop and reflect with gratitude for the students we have been so blessed to have walked beside this year.

We might think we are here for our students, but sometimes our students are here for us. We say goodbye better human beings, with new understandings, insights, greater wisdom and with our lives being all the richer for having encountered theirs.  

Just as diversity is present in creation, diversity is present in our classrooms. But as the year has progressed, I hope our classes have become more like a family - where each individual feels connected to the whole, with a sense of belonging and feeling important and valued. No two classes are ever the same and each one has a unique personality.

So we say farewell, proud of the growth and achievements we have witnessed, but with a touch of sadness, too, for an era is over and our work is finished. Despite this, however, we let go and entrust these precious children to the future, safe in the knowledge that God will be with them.

Bless you 2R, 2017! Thank you for the memories.


Mrs Anne Spence

Year 2 Homeroom Teacher



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