Christmas Tree of Colour and Sound

It’s that time of the year and our annual Christmas tree for the City of Greater Geelong has been created by Christian College.

This year the children embraced sustainability and the digital age. Our ornaments were created using recyclable and non-recyclable plastics, which included orange bag knitting, and milk bottle tops.

The surface artwork was implemented by Connor Firth - a Senior School art student who came to the Junior School Campus and demonstrated spray paint techniques to our students. A major added interest was the addition of 'QR' codes: these codes can be scanned by using an iPhone and will play musical recordings of Christmas carols played by individual students.

This was an exciting adventure which allowed cross-curricular creativity. We are very thankful for the wonderful assistance from the Music Department and our talented students. I would really encourage you to visit our musical tree and download a QR code reader application in order to see, listen to and celebrate our Christmas spirit.

Please note, the Art Room will be open for collection of student work on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.


Jennifer Beck-Carlson

Art Teacher



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