New 2018 Calendars to Support Our East Timor Mission

Many editions of The Vine this year have featured the ‘Good Work’ our students have done in Viqueque, East Timor and another opportunity presents itself to contribute to this wonderful ongoing project.

We invite you to show your support of our mission in Viqueque by purchasing a ‘Visions of East Timor’ 2018 calendar, available for $10 from any of our College’s Campus Offices during office hours or in the New Year. These would make a great Christmas gift as well as being an opportunity to tell the story of our College’s involvement in East Timor.

Funds raised will be directed towards resourcing another Teacher-to-Teacher education conference in Viqueque. The conference focus will be on reading picture books for pleasure, something we take for granted in Australia, but is a rare privilege in East Timor. 

This program will be implemented by Geelong teachers who volunteer their time and pay their own way to East Timor. Christian College will continue to fund computer support for the two Senior Schools in the area, while a renovated well and water system should be finished at one of our buddy Primary schools. 

Improved sanitation and hygiene will mean healthier children who are able to go to school every day and learn. Once again, a big thank you to the College community who contribute to the Timorese 'Campus' of Christian College.


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