Year 8 Food Studies and Year 7 'How Does Your Garden Grow?'

For the second time this semester, the Year 7 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' students joined the Year 8 Food Studies students for a gardening and cooking collaboration initiative.

The aim of the initiative this time was to investigate the structure and growth of a strawberry plant and how strawberries can be used to produce some delicious cookies. Earlier in the semester, under the guidance of Mr Davies, the 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' students planted some strawberry plants and have observed how they have developed over the past few weeks.

This time, both classes were guided through the parts of the strawberry plant and how it can reproduce itself. The fruit was also highlighted as being a cluster of seeds.

In the kitchen, the Food Studies teacher, Ms Rogerson, focussed on the knowledge and skills of biscuit-making as the students prepared and baked 'Jam Drop Cookies'. At the start of the initiative they were given the option to either take the cookies home or donate them to people in the community that the Red Shield support.

They were also given the opportunity to write encouraging messages to accompany the cookies. This initiative provided the students with the experience of growing; harvesting, baking and they embraced the opportunity to help those in our community that may need some support.


Mr Andy Davies and Ms Felicity Rogerson 



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