2018 Booklist Information

Dear Parents and guardians,

For students entering Years 7 to 12 in 2018, Booklists and information on how to place your orders are now available on the Parent Portal. Attached to this article is some additional general information for your reference. 

Second-Hand Process:

The school subscribes to the Sustainable School Shop - an online second-hand service. If you would like to purchase texts second-hand, or sell your child’s current texts, please use this service. We encourage you to consider listing your child's current 2017 texts on this site now, given many families will be looking at this site in the coming weeks, prior to ordering new 2018 texts. You are able to list, while also stating that the text is not available until a certain date.

  • Register with the Sustainable School Shop at sustainableschoolshop.com.au
  • Nominate our College when completing your profile on the site and all items advertised for Christian College Geelong will be covered by our subscription.


New Book Process:

OfficeMax Schools provides the College with an online ordering service. Ordering is fast, secure and convenient. Just visit OfficeMaxSchools.com.au as per provided instructions.


File downloads:
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