Welcome from the Head of Campus

Welcome to 2018 at the Middle School - Highton Campus!  This week has been such a significant experience for so many children and their families – many whom are joining our community for the first time – as they embark on the beginning of their Middle School journey. It is my pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome. We look forward to a positive and happy partnership with you throughout the coming year.

Our learning program is certainly in full swing this week, with students experiencing many new and challenging learning opportunities - including new subjects and electives - while meeting new friends and teachers. Staff have been overwhelmed with the positive attitude and enthusiasm shown by students as they embark on the new year. It has been thoroughly pleasing to share many conversations, with both new and existing families, on how well settled and happy their children are - from Year 5 students right through to Year 9! Included here are a few happy snaps of our first week here at Middle School.

Our students were challenged at our Commencement assembly on Wednesday around the notion of Kindness, where I encouraged them to consider the phrase and subsequent theme for 2018 - It's Cool to be Kind. A simple, yet potentially profound statement. 

One of the main hallmarks of the adolescent journey is asking big questions – none bigger than the ‘who am I?’ question, ‘where do I fit?’, ‘am I good enough?’ – we all have this innate longing to connect, fit in and share a sense of value and worth. Comparing ourselves to others, feeling we're not good enough, worthy enough or cool enough to fit in – is all too common through adolescence. Guiding students to consider 'kindness' within the image of who they are and what it means to be cool is one of our challenges this year. We look forward to sharing more of this journey throughout 2018 as our students explore what "It's Cool to be Kind" means to them.


I'm looking forward to journeying with you and your family through the exciting adolescent years that lie ahead.


Kindest regards,

Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus


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