From the Head of Senior School

Welcome to the first edition of The Vine!

We have made an exciting start at Senior School and all the students are fully engaged in their learning.

Our 2017 VCE results were outstanding and the students and staff need to be congratulated. To the staff, they gave freely of their time to ensure all students were ready for the assessments. It was a touch disappointing that not all students took up that opportunity and I urge parents and guardians to encourage their son or daughter to make the most of such offerings.

2017 highlights include:

  • 164 students successfully completed their VCE (100%) and all 14 of our VCAL students were successful.
  • Dux was Cameron Chandler with a score of 99.3
  • 14.09% of our students received an ATAR above 90 (compares with 10% nationally). In 2016, 15.4% of our students received 90+
  • 29.53% of our students received an ATAR above 80 (compares with 20% nationally). In 2016, 38.5% of our students received 80+
  • 47.65% of our students received 70+
  • 67.11% of our students received 60+
  • 83.22% of our students received an ATAR above 50 (compares with 50% nationally). In 2016, 86.5 % of our students received 50+


Average ATAR for 2017 is 68.1 - in 2016 our average ATAR was 71.35

There were 2 perfect scores of 50 earned this year:

  • Fletcher Scott - Studio Arts
  • Lily Di Sciascio - Media

Of particular note is that our College Captain, Cameron Chandler was 2017 Dux with 99.3 and our College Captain Briella Egberts received an ATAR of 85.85.

On Monday, all the staff enjoyed a full day of professional development and this has given us all a great deal to ponder. Tuesday saw our Year 12 students return as they commenced their Year 12 classes. It gave them and their teachers the opportunity to go over the work from the transition program of last year as well as the holiday learning.

Wednesday was our first full day and we commenced with our Senior School Assembly at Middle School. Our College Captains spoke and set out their thoughts on the year ahead and how all students can strive to be their best. Our College Principal, Mr McKeeman inspired us all with his entertaining talk about excellence. The laptop rollout was successfully completed on this day and all students now have their devices.

As I mentioned in my letter to welcome you all, I outlined what a busy term it is ahead.
I included the new staff and have added that information again below:

Ms Robyn Jackson will be joining our English staff and she brings with her a broad range of experiences. She will be teaching across Senior School. 
Mr Drew Oliver shall be our new Head of Sport at Senior School and leading the Physical Education Department. 
Ms Francine Chard will be teaching Mathematics in a part-time capacity and her expertise will be very valuable in this area.  She is also qualified as a Physical Education teacher. 
Ms Naomi Gibbons will be our Chaplain for one day per week, with Ms Lena Johnstone on staff for two days and Mr Corey Bolton for three days per week. 
Ms Helen Daffy is joining our College in the Learning Support area and her experience will be most valuable for our students. 
Ms Clare Townsend is also a new member of our Learning Support team. She is from Middle School and has a firm relationship with many of our students. 
Ms Emily Waters is our new Outdoor Education Assistant. Emily has a wealth of experience and will be most valuable in supporting our students in all aspects of their Outdoor Education. 
Mr Lewis Carpenter will be working one day per week in the IT Support area. Lewis has previously worked at Senior School and knows many of our students. 
Ms Julie Funston will be working as our Laboratory Assistant. She is very experienced in this area and will provide valuable support for this department. 
Mrs Helen Mavros will be returning from maternity leave to the English department. 
Mr Tom McKenzie is based at the Highton Campus but will be joining us for one Indonesian class. 
Ms Felicity Rogerson is also based at the Highton Campus and will be taking a Year 10 Food Studies class. 
Mr Andrew Seiffert will be taking some Product, Design and Technology classes at the Villa Paloma Campus.

I wish all families and students God's blessings for a wonderful 2018!

Mr Graeme Dent
Head of Campus


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