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Hi Christian College Community!

My name is Meg Heathcote. I am in my final year here at Christian College Geelong and I'm super excited to bring to you this new section of The Vine, ‘Meg’s Message’. In these updates I will share some student insight into life at Senior School. This may include my reflections of Campus events, information about student experiences and perspectives from other students, presented through feature interviews.

So let’s begin!

We all made a terrific start to the year on Tuesday with the Year 12 students dragging ourselves out of bed a couple of hours earlier than our bodies are used to! As difficult as this may have been for some, it was undoubtedly rewarding as we reunited with friends after the break, attended shortened classes with our teachers and participated in an engaging first assembly. Wednesday saw the return of all students and we welcomed back the Year 11 and the Year 10 students.

It has certainly been a week of discovery for all. For the Year 12 students, this involved discovering the joys of having a common room with table tennis, a bluetooth speaker for music and the freedom to have two-minute noodles for lunch! For the Year 11 students discovery entailed learning what it takes to ace VCE and VCAL while grappling with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. The Year 10 students discovered, well…..everything! They discovered new classrooms, new teachers, the size of the campus, and….the challenge of the 'Burrows hill'! There is so much life and buzz on our campus already, with classes beginning and new friendships being formed between students from Highton and Bellarine - what a busy couple of days it has been.

Stay tuned for the next edition of 'Meg’s Message' where I will introduce to you our College Captains, Caelli and Jude.

Until next week....


Megan Heathcote

College Prefect




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